GLOBITRON LLC is an entertainment company that combines the awesomeness of the 80s with today's media and technology to enable the co-creation of fun, engaging, community oriented content, products, and experiences


Our founding team consists of veterans across television, film, tech, and design focused on executing a new way of seeding an original entertainment IP


The B-BOTS is our first project. Incubated by Masterfile Co., we are implementing a platform-like approach to seeding, developing, and growing an original IP using a variety of different technologies and strategies.

We're excited to break the norms of how original entertainment IP is traditionally developed within the studio ecosystem. Our goal is to develop the B-BOTS across a variety of different content mediums while also making it possible to support anyone to build cool shit on top of the foundation we are laying.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate how original IP is created with world class talent, partners, technologies, and communities.


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